If you have an enquiry about a consignment that you are thinking of importing, we are able to give you advice on the import requirements. However, advice can only be provided about consignments that are to be imported through Felixstowe (or one of the other ports that are managed by Suffolk Coastal Port Health).

Please try to do as much of your own research as possible before contacting us; in particular you should read the import guidance pages on this site first.

In order to assist us in providing you with the best advice possible please provide the information detailed below, ingredients lists and other processing information can be attached to your enquiry, via the form.

Please note:-

  • at busy times responses to import enquiries may be delayed, as the checking of consignments that have already arrived at the port has to be our priority at all times
  • If your enquiry is about a consignment that has been detained by port health you are recommended to submit additional information to us by fax or email. You should ensure that you include the UCN or container number in any communications.

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