Veterinary Residues

Ingredients of animal origin used in all foods for consumption in the EU must be sourced from a country that has an EU Approved Residue Control Plan.

If the food is a product of animal origin, and not a composite product, the country of manufacture must also have an EU Approved Residue Control Plan for the animal origin ingredient (except where the animal origin ingredient is present only in small amounts for technical purposes). 

If the food is a composite product the country of origin of the individual animal products must have a relevant approved residue control plan, but the country of manufacture of the composite product does not.

Residue plan requirements are in addition to the other general required import conditions and the import conditions for products of animal origin (POAO).

which ingredients need to be checked?

    1. Meat, meat preparations and meat products (including meat powders and extracts) of the following origin:
      • Bovine
      • Ovine/caprine
      • Porcine
      • Equine
      • Poultry
      • Rabbit
      • Wild Game
      • Farmed Game
    1. Aquaculture fishery products (excluding bivalve molluscs)
    2. Milk and dairy products
    3. Eggs and egg products
    4. Honey
    If your food contains any of the controlled products as an ingredient, you will need to find out the country of origin of the raw material.

find out if the country is approved

Countries with an approved residue control plan are listed in Commission Decision 2011/163/EU. This document is frequently updated so make sure you check the latest version.

Understanding the list and checking the small print

Third countries with a residue plan are listed on the left hand side.

Animal product types are listed across the top.

An X in the box means that the country has an approved residue control plan for that product (otherwise the product cannot be imported into the EU).

Where there is a number next to the X, check against the notes at the end of the table