IT Support - call us on - 0845 646 1312 *

Our dedicated IT team maintains our in-house systems, called PHILIS, PHILISOnline and DES which help us carry out our statutory duty.   Please visit our Technology page for more information about the technology and port health ecosystem.  We work with several other ports around the UK who also use our PHILIS products. We provide a range of IT Services to Felixstowe Port Health and other Port Health Authorites around the United Kingdom.    

Telephone Support 

Our dedicated support line is open Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM.    Please call us on  0845 646 1312 * to raise incidents or requests.   Please note that all calls will be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

IT Support Portal (Sunrise)

Customers can raise tickets with us at any time via our online IT Support Portal that is hosted by Sunrise.     Customers who have previously registered can logon at any time and raise calls, check for updates and provide additional information about ongoing cases or projects.      There is also access to knowledge base and frequently asked questions with useful answers.  Please contact us on the above number if you are currently not registered on the support system.

Please note that all calls will be prioritised according to urgency and business impact.

What to do if you are not registered on our IT support portal? 

You can still raise an issue with us, please follow the link to our IT Support Incident Form and enter detail into our online incident form.  

Out of Hours Support

We provide an out of hours telephone support service for customers that have taken up this option.  Please refer to your support contract for information, operating hours and contact details

Requesting new or Enhanced services

We have a Customer Request (RFC) Form that we ask you to complete if you would like to request any new or enhanced services.  Please complete and one of our team will get back to to discuss your requirements.  

Get Involved

If you would like to make any suggestions or to discuss any of these projects further please contact a member of the ICT team, on 0845 646 1312 * , or email: our IT Helpdesk

*  Please note that call rates apply – Mobile @ 6ppm and Landline @ 2ppm