The announcement on Friday 12 June 2020 confirmed the UK Gov’t has notified the EU that it will neither accept nor seek and extension to the Transition Period.


The announcement also outlined a staged approach, details were not provided, but the current expectation is:

  • From Jan 2021:  Refers mainly custom requirements, however there will also be physical checks at the point of destination on all high risk live animals and a proportion of low-risk live animals.
  • From April 2021: All POAO – will also require pre-notification and the relevant health documentation. Confirmation is awaited that this also applies to High Risk FNAO.
  • From July 2021:  Increase in physical checks and the taking of samples: checks for PoAO (and HR FNAO) will now take place at GB Border Control Posts.

The details and full requirements of the staged approach have not yet been communicated by the National Competent Bodies, and SCPHA engaging with the Border Protocol and Delivery Group (BPDG) (formerly Border Delivery Group – BDG) on a number work streams to understand the future of Port Health controls in GB.

This is a developing area and further information will be published when policy and/or protocols are confirmed.