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This bulletin provides the latest news from Government relating to UK borders during the transition period.

As intermediaries and trade bodies who work with UK businesses, the role that you can play in helping us reach out to businesses and individuals is crucial.

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2025 UK Border Strategy Public Consultation

Border Operating Model

Businesses that import and export goods, step by step guides



2025 UK Border Strategy Public Consultation


A consultation to seek the views and expertise of stakeholders to help develop the 2025 UK Border Strategy.

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 28 August 2020

The end of the Transition Period with the European Union provides the UK with the opportunity to design a future border that will deliver maximum benefit to the UK. A border that is more user-centric and streamlined than before, that helps businesses take advantage of new trading relationships around the world, whilst maintaining high-levels of security to protect the public, the environment and public health.

Today, the UK Government published a public consultation to invite businesses and industry to share ideas and evidence to help develop a 2025 UK Border Strategy. Our goal is for this Strategy to set out how we will transform the UK border into the world’s most effective and efficient by 2025. Input and expertise from businesses and industry will ensure that the future border is designed with the user in mind and in a way which Government can deliver in partnership with you.

This consultation follows the publication of the Border Operating Model on Monday 13 July that set out how businesses and industry can prepare for the end of the Transition Period. The consultation is not seeking views on the end of the Transition Period or preparations for leaving the EU’s Custom’s Union and Single Market. Rather it seeks to look ahead to the future and explore what major transformations the UK needs to deliver over the long-term to deliver the world’s most effective border by 2025.

We know this is a busy time for you, but we would welcome your input into this consultation over the next 6 weeks. Responding is easy through the online platform we are using, and your insight and expertise will be invaluable. We will be holding detailed workshops on the 2025 UK Border Strategy throughout the consultation period and will share booking details with you shortly.


Border Operating Model

Following extensive engagement with industry the Government has published the Border Operating Model. The Model provides clarity and certainty for the border industry and businesses, including technical detail on how the border with the European Union (EU) will work after the transition period and the actions that traders, hauliers, ports and carriers need to take.


Businesses that import and export goods, step by step guides

From 1 January 2021 the process for importing and exporting goods will change. Find out what you need to do to continue to:

import goods from the EU

export goods to the EU


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