Border and Protocol Delivery Group Update


This bulletin provides the latest news from Government relating to UK borders at the end of
the transition period.

As intermediaries and trade bodies who work with UK businesses, the role that you play in
helping us reach out to businesses and individuals is crucial.

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Contents of this update:

● Reasonable worst case scenario
● Exports of animals and animal products


Reasonable worst case scenario (RWCS)

On Wednesday 23 September, The Chancellor of the Duchy Lancaster made a statement in
the House of Commons outlining the RWCS. The statement can be found here.

Further information about the Government’s RWCS planning assumptions for potential
disruption to freight travelling between Great Britain (GB) and the European Union (EU) at
the end of the transition period can be found here.


Exports of animal and animal products from Great Britain to the European Union –
understanding Export Health Certificate requirements

Defra has now published the 125 specimen EU EHCs that will be required from 1 January
2021, along with the current Notes for Guidance (NFGs). These set out what information will
need to be supplied during the EHC application process. If you are unsure if your
consignment meets the requirement for export you may need to speak to your certifier to
confirm. You can view the specimen EU EHCs and NFGs on Defra’s Form Finder


New BPDG mailbox

Border and Protocol Delivery Group (BPDG) has now formally moved to Cabinet Office
(CO), and our emails have changed.

Please use for enquiries.


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