Port Health Authority Notification Procedure Changes and Guidelines for IUU Checks


Wild caught fishery products being imported into Great Britain require IUU checks to be carried out by the Port Health Authority (PHA) at point of entry. These should be notified to us directly and not via your CHEDP notification in IPAFFS.

We do not have access to EU CHEDPs until 30th April, and therefore, we won’t be able to carry out any IUU checks submitted to IPAFFS during this period.

The Import controls are outlines in the link below – https://www.porthealth.uk/import-guidance/iuu/#ImportControls2

PHAs are still responsible for IUU checks and no changes have been made to this aspect of the imports.

For Third country imports the process remains unchanged you must pre-notify us as you have been.

Useful links in relation to IUU uploads to PHILIS DES –

IUU DES updatehttps://www.porthealth.uk/updates/philis-des-update-expands-iuu-notifications/

IUU formats on DEShttps://www.porthealth.uk/updates/new-iuu-format-required-for-philis-document-entry-system/


Please send any questions or queries to questionsto@scpha.gov.uk