CHED-P Signatories


Recently SCPHA have received a number of Common Health Entry Documents (CHED-P) that have not been signed by the person who is named as making the declaration.  It is suspected that this situation has occurred due to changes in working conditions caused by Covid-19.

Currently, Central Competent Authorities within UK Government have not provided any easements to Port Health Authorities to accept CHED-P documents signed by another person other than the person listed as making the declaration.

When products of animal origin are imported the person responsible for the load is obliged in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/1715 to submit a CHED-P and in accordance with the explanatory notes in Annex II of the Regulation, the declaration must be signed by the natural person responsible for the consignment.  Although TRACES Classic, which is accessed through a user name and password, is used to draw up the CHED-P, it is the printed signed paper document which is the legal notification of the consignment to the Border Control Post.

When signing the CHED-P, the signatory is making a legal declaration concerning the accuracy and completeness of the information provided as well as agreeing to comply with the requirements of official controls legislation including payment of charges and arranging re-dispatch or disposal of the consignment should the official controls prove unsatisfactory.

With the above in mind, SCPHA will not accept any CHED-P documents where the signatures do not match the person making the declaration.  If this situation is discovered the consignments will not be cleared until correct documentation is received by SCPHA.

This may seem overly onerous, however SCPHA must enforce the legislation as it is currently presented.  Covid-19 has affected the way in which every industry and business works, and SCPHA is no different: we have had to put in place control measures to ensure the safety of our staff as they continue to work in the office and examination facilities to protect public and animal health.

Your cooperation in providing the documentation in it’s required form is appreciated and ultimately will lead to your consignments being released as quickly as possible.