Food Standards Agency joins SCPHA to explore the future of import controls

Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority (SCPHA) welcomed the Chief Executive Officer and other high-profile representatives of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to show how import controls are carried out on food and animal-related goods at Britain’s busiest container port.

FSA representatives Emily Miles, Chief Executive Officer; John Furzer, Head of Imports Delivery; Anjali Juneja, Director of International and UK Affairs; Junior Johnson, Operations Director; and Mark Rolfe, Board Member, were joined by SCPHA’s Head of Environmental Services and Port Health, Fiona Quinn, and Port Health Manager Richard Jacobs for a tour of SCPHA’s first-class facilities and procedures at the Port of Felixstowe.

Business Solutions Trainer Adam Flatman (centre) and Port Health Manager Richard Jacobs (right) show the FSA delegation different examples of seal checks from consignments.

Richard said: “We carry out effective, efficient and timely operations here at SCPHA that I’m proud to demonstrate to the FSA.

Port health is going through unprecedented times across the UK, and this visit gives a great deal of insight into how a busy authority such as ours is run.”

After being driven to the Port of Felixstowe in SCPHA’s electric fleet, the delegation enjoyed a presentation by Richard before touring the examination facilities at the 70 Shed Border Control Post. 

The group were able to see how import controls are carried out on food and animal-related products in the UK’s busiest container port, as well as controls for consignments that fail health standards.

Port Health Manager Richard Jacobs (second from right) gives a presentation on SCPHA to the FSA delegation.

Emily said: “It’s been a fantastic visit. We’ve had real insight into how controls and checks happen now and what could change in the future.

We’ve heard some great ideas about ways of organising checks and controls, and we really value our relationship with the port health authority here.”