When submitting an IPAFFS notification, it is important to provide accurate transport identification details. This ensures smooth processing of your consignments.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. *Accompanied Loads*: If your load is accompanied, please declare both the trailer unit number and, where applicable or possible, the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN).
  2. *Unaccompanied Loads*: For unaccompanied loads, only the trailer unit number is required.

To input this information, navigate to the ‘Transport to the Border Control Post (BCP)’ tab in IPAFFS. In the designated field labelled ‘Transport Identification,’ enter the details as indicated in the screenshot provided below:


*Format*: Please use the format Truck [space] Trailer when entering the information. This format helps identify your consignments efficiently through port operator systems.

In case you are unable to complete this information at the time of submission, you must amend the notification as soon as the details become available. Once amended, kindly notify port.health@scpha.gov.uk.

Failure to provide accurate transport identification may result in delays to your consignment while SCPHA collaborates with you to identify the consignment.

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