Requirements for BTOM Medium-Risk Products


As you will be aware, for all products in the BTOM medium-risk category we expect importers to provide an Export Health Certificate (EHC), alongside their prenotification. 

Last week Defra communicated a three-month period (until 15 August 2024) of flexibility for importers of EU origin shelf-stable fishery products associated with histamine. Entry of these goods will be permitted without an EHC if traders are unable to obtain a certificate (usual commercial documents will still be required). 

Defra are now offering a similar flexibility (until 15 August 2024) to these products originating from non-EU countries that have been imported into the EU then re-exported to GB. Exporters must include the original EHC, which clearly states the country of origin (i.e. not the EU), within their commercial documentation to use this easement. This flexibility does not apply to non-EU imports direct to GB. 

This is not a change to the risk categorisation, but as we are providing clarity traders have requested on the classification of these goods, we are implementing this temporary easement to support businesses. 

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