Message from Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority:


Many months ago, in attempts to assist with the national Covid-19 control measures Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority began requesting Maritime Declaration of Health documents from all vessels (whether a positive or negative declaration) arriving at Ipswich and Felixstowe ports.

In conjunction with the Government easing Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, it is the intention of Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority to revert to following the legislation listed within the Public Health Ships Regulations and only require a positive declaration from vessels.

It is the intention to revert to this way of operating from 12 April 2021 (unless Government advice on the pandemic changes significantly). Port Health will only take action on receipt of a positive declaration of Public Health concern on board a vessel, you will not receive any correspondence for any Maritime Declaration of Health forms submitted after the 11th of April 2021 which does not make a positive declaration.

As before, when making a positive declaration, Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority will make contact with Public Health England and assist them to work out the best way to ensure infectious disease is controlled. In these circumstances Port Health will communicate with the dock towers to explain the ongoing situation, and engage with Vessel Masters and Shipping Lines.

Thank you for your continued compliance throughout the pandemic, we hope not to need to revert back to requesting a Maritime Declaration of Health in all circumstances again, however If this is required it will you will be informed via email and our website.