New health certificates required for certain ‘high-risk’ food and feed of non-animal origin


The requirements of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1793 apply to imports arriving from 14th December 2019 onwards.

One of the main changes is the format of the health certificate required for certain imports of food and feed of non-animal origin.

The list of food and feed products that require the health certificate in the new format are listed in Annex II to the Regulations.

There is a transitional period which permits the previous format of the relevant certificate for the specified product to be issued before 14th February 2020. Certificates issued in the incorrect format after this date will not be accepted.

The certificate must comply with the following requirements:

  • It shall be issued by the competent authority of the third country of origin or of the third country where the consignments is consigned from
  • It shall bare the identification code of the consignment (one code per health certificate)
  • It shall be issued before the consignment to which it relates leaves the control of the competent authority issuing the certificate
  • It shall be valid for not more than four months from the date of issue, but in any case no longer than six months from the date of the results of the laboratory analysis

Notes on how to complete the certificate are in Annex IV to the legislation.

The original health certificate signed and stamped by an authorised officer must be submitted to Port Health in order to meet this part of the import requirements.

Replacement certificates

If a replacement certificate is agreed by us it will need to meet the requirements of Article 5 of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/628:

  • Make clear reference to the initial certificate number and the date of issue of this initial certificate
  • State clearly that it replaces the initial certificate
  • Have a new certificate number different to that of the initial certificate
  • Be dated on the date it was actually issued, not the date of the initial certificate
  • Submitted as an original document (except electronic replacement certificates – not yet available)