Organic Imports – Additional Charges


We currently charge £45 for the verification of an Organic Certificate of Inspection. This will continue.

However, if a request is made for us to permit movement of a consignment to a specified location pending compliance with The Organic Products Regulations 2009 we will be making an additional charge of £118.75. This is the same as our charge for non-compliant consignments, and is to cover the additional work carried out by the Port Health Officers and administration team. The charge will apply to notices issued from 1st July 2019 onwards.

Written consent from the relevant Trading Standards Authority covering the specified inland delivery address will also be required before we can permit inland movement under Regulation 7 and 8 of The Organic Products Regulations 2009. Regulation 15 of The Organic Products Regulations 2009 states that a Port Health Authority must charge an importer a fee for carrying out work under Regulation 7.