PHILIS receives major update to Document Entry System notifications

A number of changes have been made to the PHILIS Document Entry System (DES) to improve how port health authorities are notified about consignments requiring health checks.

Locked documents upon upload

To help reduce missing files, documents uploaded to PHILIS DES, and the subsequent notifications sent to port health authorities, can no longer be deleted unless ‘not set’ is stated in the reference field.

SCPHA is aware of an issue where users are unable to delete documents when additional ones have been uploaded after a reference number has been generated. This will be resolved in a future PHILIS DES update, and users are encouraged to contact the ICT helpdesk if they require documents to be removed in the meantime.

Email notifications for resubmitted documents

Email notifications will now be sent to port health authorities when documents have been resubmitted.

The notification has been designed with a distinct orange banner to help users distinguish between original and replacement submissions.

A change log has also been included, which takes information from the PHILIS DES history log and displays changes made to each field of a submission. However, please be aware that currently, not all changes are included in the email notification. It should therefore be used as a guide while a resolution is being developed.

Users can get in touch with the ICT helpdesk with any questions or queries.

Support for multiple BCPs

Port health authorities managing multiple points of entry can now view more than one Border Control Post (BCP) through the homepage dashboard, while a new field has been added to email notifications sent to port health authorities to indicate which BCPs submissions are intended for.

The list of BCPs to choose from on email notifications has also been expanded to include Harwich International Port, while notifications for illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU); Certificates for Inspection (COIs) and Plastic Declaration Documents (PDDs) have been updated to reflect the standard GB format.

Stronger validation for trailer and seal numbers

The ‘R12’ field – where trailer and seal codes are inputted on a COI notification – will now only accept letters, numbers and spaces to prevent invalid special characters. A tooltip has been added in the search bar to remind users of this recommended format.