Plastic Declarations: New System for Pre-Notifications

One of the conditions for importing melamine and polyamide (nylon) kitchenware from China and Hong Kong is that the importer must notify Port Health 24 hours in advance of the intended arrival of the consignment. This notification should be made by producing and submitting a Plastic Declaration Document (PDD).

System for creating the PDD

The ‘old’ system (PHILIS Online) for creating the PDD will be replaced on Monday 27th September 2021 by PHILIS DES. If you are already registered to use PHILIS Online, you can access PHILIS DES using your existing login details, there is no need to re-register.

For more information on the functions within PHILIS DES, please see the Support Pages, which also includes information on how new users can sign up to use the system.

Creating a PDD on PHILIS Online

Guidance notes are available under the ‘Support Pages’ section on DES. In the future, you will also be able to upload copies of the required analytical report(s) for the product(s), the bill of lading, the packing list and the invoice rather than emailing these documents to us separately.

Please note: Port Health will still require submission of the original PDD signed by the importer for the documentary check to be completed.


Further information on importing polyamide and melamine plastic kitchenware from China and Hong Kong can be found here