“Rest in peace boss” – SCPHA remembers Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

From sharing afternoon tea to decades of military service, team members across Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority (SCPHA) have been reflecting on their memories of the late Queen Elizabeth II and what she meant to them. 


Lesley Friel, Authorised Officer

“I had the honour of having afternoon tea with the Queen when the 17th/21st Lances amalgamated with the 16th/5th Lancers in 1993. They then became the Queen’s Royal Lancers.

“Thank you for your service, may you rest in peace.”


Lisa Jamieson, Compliance Officer

“Thank you, your Majesty, for your constant and complete dedication. God rest the Queen.”


Angus Shaw, PR & Communications Officer

“There is a sense of great loss that perhaps many of us never expected to feel so strongly.

“Words cannot describe the extent of Queen Elizabeth II’s devotion to the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth across her long reign.

“Rest in peace your Majesty.”


Pete Coley, Compliance Manager:

“I had the honour and privilege to serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the RAF and again in the police service over the course of 17 years. 

“Her passing has made me feel a profound sadness, and one of personal loss. To some, this feeling of personal loss may seem ridiculous, as I had never had the honour of meeting her in person. But to me she was the ultimate role model, leader, and the military’s Commander-In-Chief.

“Whilst in the military, we all come together in common purpose to serve the UK, for Her Majesty the Queen. No other motivation was ever required.

“My thoughts are with the rest of the Royal Family, who are now mourning the loss of their mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

“Rest in peace boss.”


Richard Jacobs, Port Health Manager

“In my life away from SCPHA, I have the honour of holding the Queen’s Commission, and have been awarded all of the Queen’s Jubilee service medals, having served in the Reserve Forces for over 30 years.

“The passing of Her Majesty marks a significant change – the closure of one remarkable chapter and the opening of a new one with His Majesty King Charles III. For many of us, we have only ever known the Queen; someone who set the benchmark of service, dedication, and leadership.

“At this time, we may feel sadness and a sense of loss and direction. It is only natural that we all react and respond in our own ways. For me, I will pause to reflect, and be comforted in the knowledge that the constitution, heritage, and tradition of the UK will ensure the utmost respect is paid.

“I will admire the strength and fortitude of His Majesty King Charles III, as how in a time of intense family grief, there is a transition to his reign. I will then look forward to the future, safe in the knowledge that we are in good hands.

“God save the King.”