IPAFFS: If you have selected Sevintgon BCP or Eurotunnel as the Port of Entry in the Transport section of the import notification, please ensure that you also complete the new billing section for the common user charge, following the instructions on Common user charge: rates and eligibility – GOV.UK ( 
You must make sure that any errors in the CHED import notification are corrected before the notification is submitted, this includes ensuring that all information is completed and accurate. 

IPAFFS will give you a list of errors to work through. You must also make sure that the notification is submitted by clicking the green submit button after you have reviewed it. 
Customs Declaration Service: You must make sure that any errors in the customs declaration are corrected AND the CHED import notification reference is added to the declaration in the correct section and the correct document code is used before you submit it. IPAFFS provides a Copy and Paste feature so that you or your agent can copy both of these from the submission screen, to paste into the declaration. Information can be found at Importing SPS controlled goods that interact with ALVS – GOV.UK (


HMRC and Defra services working together

As of 30th April, HMRC and Defra systems are cross-checking the CHED import notification and customs declaration for each consignment of goods subject to SPS controls imported from EU and non-EU countries. 

To avoid the consignment being directed to a BCP when it may not need to attend, the CHED import notification reference and commodity codes must be consistent between the notification and the customs declaration. Follow these steps: 

  • Submit the import notification using IPAFFS before your customs agent submits the customs declaration using Customs Declaration Service.  
  • Use the new Copy function to copy the CHED reference and customs Doc code in the correct format for the customs declaration.   
  • Send to your customs agent together with a PDF copy of the import notification. Ask them to double check the commodity codes are the same in the customs declaration. They should also check that there are no special characters in the description of goods field (Data Element 6/8).  
  • Work with your customs agent to fix any errors shown on CDS or IPAFFS before the consignment reaches the port of departure, to avoid it being directed to a BCP when it may not need to attend.   
  • If any errors are not fixed before the consignment arrives at the port of departure, the consignment will be subject to a customs hold at the port of arrival. Find out more by watching our video and reading the HMRC guidance.   


Contact points for urgent BTOM queries from 30th April 2024    

From 30th April any urgent BTOM/import queries for plants and plant products across England & Wales should be directed to the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA), by email, in the first instance:  

Alternatively, you can contact them by telephone: +44 (0) 3000 200 301     

From 30 April any urgent BTOM/import queries for animal products should be directed to the Port Health Authority (PHA) at your nominated Border Control Post (BCP).     

Find your PHA contact details at your nominated BCP on this map.     

Resources to help you comply 

Our detailed guidance has been updated with information on how to comply with your new legal responsibilities for:

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