TRACES New Technology (TNT) training for Forwarding Agents – Detailed Notes


You may be interested in the below links which are the latest notes used in the recent training for forwarding agents. We are providing these notes to assist you when completing CHED-Ps on the new TRACES NT system for products of animal origin consignments being imported through Felixstowe. These notes are based on our understanding and experience of TNT as at 10th December 2019 and are for guidance only. They have no legal basis and other BCPs may have different requirements.

The principles in the below notes will also apply to completion of CHED-Ds for products not of animal origin. However, specific Commission guidance, taken from TRACES NT, on completing CHED-Ds is also attached. There is not yet any similar Commission advice specifically for CHED-Ps.

TNT training for forwarding agents – detailed notes

CHEDD user manual