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Introducing NEOMA – the technological revolution for port health authorities

NEOMA is the enhanced software solution enabling unrivalled efficiency when processing import controls and other port health activities. 

Partnered with Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority (SCPHA), NEOMA is the next evolution of the widely used PHILIS software, designed to meet the unprecedented logistical and administrative challenges faced by port health authorities across the UK.

Using the latest emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, NEOMA offers unmatched speed and efficiency when processing complex port health operations. With regular updates, enhancements and new features, port health authorities will be able to meet the ever-evolving role of Britain’s port health authorities. 

From document checks and physical examinations to KPIs, dashboards and workflow management, there’s nothing NEOMA can’t handle. For more information and future updates, please visit www.neoma.uk, or get in touch at enquiries@neoma.uk