Fukushima Nuclear Plant chimneys, Japan

Japanese import controls revoked 11 years after Fukushima disaster

Special restrictions placed on food and feed imported from Japan as a result of the Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident have been lifted in England.

As of 29 June 2022, radiation declarations or laboratory reports are no longer required for food and feed originating, or consigned from, Japan.

However, importers will still need to provide a completed CHED-P and original health certificate for Japanese Products of Animal Origin (POAO), Composite POAO and animal by-products, which are all subject to veterinary checks.

Laurence Jarrold, Technical Specialist at SCPHA, said:

“When it comes to high risk food of non-animal origin, there are currently no other specific import controls for Japanese products. However, all food and feed imports, regardless of their country of origin, must comply with UK hygiene requirements, which include proper labelling and composition.”

Visit www.porthealth.uk/import-guidance/animal-origin for more information about importing products of animal origin into the UK.