Groundnut Flour

There are import controls on groundnuts (peanuts) and their products from countries that have been specified within legislation (retained Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1793). The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have confirmed that imports of Groundnut Flour from these specified countries are also subject to these controls.

This includes imports of groundnut flour and peanut butter made from groundnut flour. This is because the flour contains 100% groundnuts and any aflatoxin contamination on the original nuts, would be present in the flour. From a hazard control point of view, groundnut flour and peanut butter should be treated similarly to the other groundnut products.

SCPHA requirements

Imports of Groundnut Flour from controlled countries will require a CHED-D (Common Health Entry Document) to be submitted to Port Health. In addition imports of groundnuts from countries listed in Annex II of retained Regulation 2019/1793 will need to be accompanied by a health certificate and analysis report.

The full list of products requiring a CHED-D can be found here. Please check this list to confirm the countries which have controls on imports of groundnuts and their products.