It is a requirement that Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority applies fees and charges for the work it carries out.

If you are going to have to make payments to us in the future, please see the below for information on setting up a finance account with us and best ways to make payments.

In preparation for the BTOM going live on 30th April we strongly advise you to set up a PHILIS account in advance to ensure your trade isn’t delayed.

Finance Accounts 

We have an internal system called PHILIS that holds your financial information including any payments made to us and also any debits taken from the account.

Setting up an account 

If you would like to set up an account with us please email advising you would like to set up a finance account and providing the below information.

  • Company name and address
  • Contact name
  • Contact email: This can be multiple email addresses
  • Contact number

Once we have confirmed your account is active we can start receiving payments and allocating funds to case work carried out.

How to make payments 

We can receive payments via BACS, CHAPS or Credit/Debit Card Payments. We will provide our bank details once you have contacted us to set up your account.

For a card payment please use the East Suffolk Council online payments which can be found here;

Here you would select other payments and then Port Health.

Important Information 

It is important to note that we will not add funds to your PHILIS account until they show on Lloyds Bank Account. We will access this multiple times a day and allocate as soon as we see the funds have hit our bank account – This means even if you make a same day payment the funds may not be allocated to your PHILIS account until the next working day.

BACS payments can take up to three working days to clear, these wont be allocated until cleared and shown on our account.

Organisations who have high volume or regular trade with us tend to adopt a strategy of making a lump payment covering the anticipated weekly expenses, ensuring your finance account is in surplus. We can also put an account alert amount on your account where we will email you if the funds in your account have gone below a certain level.

Account Statements 

We will email the account contact email address every time we allocated funds to your account, this will include the new account balance.

When funds are drawn from the account we will email once a transaction is made. This will include the amount taken, the consignment it relates to and information on the work carried out and the remaining account balance.

If there are no funds in your account for us to draw from we will email you an insufficient funds email advising the amount we want to draw, the consignment it relates to and the work carried out. Please be aware we do not send invoices.

Each month we will send a fully itemised statement to your contact email address. This will cover all the previous months transactions, both credits and debits.


The requirements for the application of fees and charges are set out within The Retained EU Regulations (Regulation (EU) 2017/625, known as OCR) as amended by “Official Control (Animal, Feed and Food, Plant Health) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 (SI 2020/1481)”

Our 2024/25 fees and charges can be found here:


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